André Hartman

This Is The Home Page 0f South African Independent Superstar


Wildhorse Entertainment is extremely proud to have one of André Hartman’s songs featured here on Independent Superstars for as you all know André is first and foremost one of South Africa’s top music producers. It is a fact that André has recorded and produced almost every top South African artist you could think of, standing out for us here at Wildhorse Entertainment is “Juanita du Plessis” gigantic hit “Skarumba”.  André sung many songs on various CD’s over the years but never really under his real name. All Andre’s songs below are for radio stations and DJ’s worldwide to download for possible addition to their Radio playlists  If you have downloaded one of Andre’s hit songs please let us know or add a comment below for André to read as your support is so necessary and so welcome by all at Wildhorse Entertainment and most of all by André Hartman, producer, artists, songwriter, musician and Gymkhana racing driver a true South African Superstar.

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To listen to the music by André Hartman left click on any of the banners below or right-click to download a copy for your files or radio playlists. Thank y’all so much. 

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